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Raidmax Drakon DK709B/BL fekete-kék ját&eacu | PCX.hu
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Raidmax Drakon DK709B/BL fekete-kék játékülés

Cikkszám: 53772
50 983 Ft
Garancia: 12 hónap

Háztól-Házig Garancia
Szállítás biztosítás

Duna Plaza
MPL futárszolgálat
Posta Pont
MOL Pont
Pick Pack Pont
Sprinter futárszolgálat

Anyag: Acélváz, PU műbőr
Szín: Fekete-kék
Dönthető: Igen
Állítható karfa: Nem
Súly (kg): 25
Szélesség (mm): Nincs adat
Állítható magasság: Igen
Magasság (mm): Nincs adat
Görgő: Igen
Forgatható: Igen
Mélység (mm): Nincs adat
Teljes termékspecifikáció
Átvételi lehetőségek 1-2 munkanap
Duna Plaza - Kedd
MPL futárszolgálat - Szerda
Posta Pont - Szerda
MOL Pont - Szerda
COOP Pont - Szerda
Pick Pack Pont - Szerda
Sprinter futárszolgálat - Szerda

Garancia lehetőség
Háztól-Házig Garancia
Szállítás biztosítás

Vásárlói értékelések:

Tóth Bence
Egyszerűen imádom! Kényelmes, több óra játék után sem érzem, hogy kényelmetlen lenne. Abszolút megérte az árát. Szerelése kicsit bonyolult, de neten lehet róla videot találni.
I've discovered that this chair(and likely every chair that has a part "E") has the ability to rock back and forth - I believe it's called a "rocker" or "rocking chair" ("hintaszék" or "mosópad" in hungarian, says google translate). This is what the "TILT TENSION" is used for. However after 10-20 minutes of rocking, it starts to make a sound because the spring inside the part "E" is now chafing against the metal from the same part "E", after having eaten through the plastic and the paint. I fixed this by rotating the spring when the tilt tension is at its most loose point (ie. unscrew tilt tension as far as it allows you to unscrew it) AND by adding silicone grease (szilikonzsír) around that area, which is not that easy to do; however, after a few hours of figuring all this out(and adding silicone grease everywhere in part "E", at first, until I realized the problem is with the spring(íj?)), now there is no more metal-on-metal chafing sound.
The rocking can be turned on or off by the same lever that allows the chair to lift.
There are no instructions included in the package, so here are the assembly instructions: w***raidmax.com/user-manual_gaming-chair.html
(scroll down to DK709)
or, just look at the direct link of that image, which is this: h*****//nebula.wsimg.com/8aae956f2ac76fc8f8d2150d735506d4?AccessKeyId=DA64EA8F167C2341D75F&disposition=0&alloworigin=1

Here's the hard part: when you're mounting the arms(armrests) (that's "D" in the picture), first try to tighten the armrest to the base of the chair(that's "A2") and then when you're done with that, try to tighten the armrest to the backrest part of the chair(that's "A1"), because the first part is the hardest: that "I" screw should be longer and after adding J2+J1+J2 inbetween, it is really tough to correctly fit it into the hole and get a grip, but when you're done, the second part (where you connect the arm("D") to the backrest("A1") of the chair with another "I" screw", this is closeby to where you see "C2" in the picture) you notice that there is a space of 2-3 fingers between "A1" and "D" so you have to bend the arm a little in order to be able to start tightening the "I" screw to that side of the backrest("A1").

Oh, I almost forgot, before you even try to connect the backrest("A1") to the base("A2") (so this happens before what I said above with the armrests), do not forget to place the black "N" spacers inbetween, and then put the "M" screws through them in order to tighten them. (just like you see in the picture)

Some screws are already tightened for transportation (like the "M" and "I" screws)
You get an extra (ie. +1) for each of these: "L", "O" and "N" ; so for example instead of 4x"N" you have 5x"N".

4 stars because of the need for the "I" screws to be longer when connecting "D"(arms) to "A2"(base of the chair, where you sit) and the amount of trial and error required for you to be able to fit "I" into its hole correctly. (and whatever else I said above)
Note: one of the "R" tools has a screwdriver tip.
At the lowest that the chair can go, and slightly reclined(at about 120 degrees), the height from the floor to the left armrest's top is 71cm, and of the right armrest's top is 71.5cm - this is because the recline mechanism is only on the right side, while the left side can move recline freely, so it's only the backrest which ensures they moving in tandem and are in balance.
At the same recline angle, at the highest that the chair can go, left armrest's top is at 89cm and right armrest's top is at 89.5cm. So that's 18cm that the chair can rise, from it's lowest point.
Some non-adherent clothes will not adhere to the chair material and you will thus glide while sitting in it. Otherwise, this fake leather seems pretty strong!
This chair has a footrest. The neck pillow can be mounted higher to serve as a head pillow, if necessary.
That big knob (part "E", which has "TILT TENSION"(and "tight" and "loose") written on it) should be towards the front of the chair (as seen in the instructions, of course).
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