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What does this guide book hold? It contains the rich past, quiet present, and promising future of the island; its beautiful landscape, special atmosphere, and sights. There are maps with landmarks and defined walk paths. Information on board and lodging, sports opportunities for summer and winter alike, important events in one word, everything that is valuable for a tourist.There are more and more rowers, cyclists, riders, and anglers to visit this pearl of the Danube. Like them, we take a trip up the island from Szentendre via Szigetmonostor, Pócsmegyer, Tahitótfalu, and Kisoroszi to the Island Tip.The road is straight, but it is not unexciting. The countryside is almost untouched, the landscape calls for a camera. When longing for a rest, you enter the island and immediately get impressed by the island feeling. We are too modest to say that Szentendre Island is worth a day. Those who have tried will know that it is worth much more! ISBN: 963872173X
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